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BLS Skills

We went through BLS skills the other day in medic class. These include bandaging, splinting, spinal immobilization, simple airway management, etc. We were going over splinting and an instructor chose one of us to demonstrate splinting of a tib/fib closed fracture. This person works in a service where this type of fracture should be a relatively common encounter, yet when it came to putting on the splint… he forgot the splint. Maybe he doesn’t work well under pressure? Either way, he’s no longer in the class.

I actually wrote this post a while ago, but since then we have had 45% of the class re-test on splinting. Of those people, 30% failed a second time. Suffice it to say, the lead instructor was not happy. We practice intubation next week.. I have a feeling some people will be embarassed.

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