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Different Perspectives

Yes mamn, I understand you’ve been in the ER all day and night with your mother, and that you probably can’t wait to get back home at 3 in the morning. And yes, maybe the nurse is moving a little slowly filling out your discharge forms. But, that’s no reason to get in her face and call her names and incompetent in front of everyone in the emergency room and then turn to me and ask me what took us so long to get here. No, your mom, who can walk (albeit slowly) does not need an ambulance to get home at 3 in the morning. A cab would have sufficed. But, the nurse was nice enough (unfortunately for me and my partner) to call an ambulance for you. Oh, and to answer your question about why we were late, we were busy caring for a patient with sepsis in respiratory distress. My FULL apologies. Finally, telling us you are “not rude” does not make it true, and instead makes me want to tell you “I do not think that word means what you think it means.”

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