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Interesting Partners

Soon after starting work as an EMT you realize you will be forced to interact with a wide variety of people (both partners and patients). While the patients are usually the salient feature of the shift, sometimes it’s your partner, as was the case yesterday.

“R” is either one of the most interesting partners I’ve worked with so far, or biggest pathalogical liar, maybe both. Within 30 minutes of the shift starting I had learned she was an accomplished pianist by 13 and had maybe $500K for a concert at that age, and now plays for the likes of Beyonce and Jay-Z for “no less” than $50K per gig. Here some other “facts” I was given over the next 7.5 hours.

Her dad is the chief of police for NYC
She has had 3 NYPD officers fired via her dad
She owns 8 guns, and has a concealed carry license (courtesy of her dad)
Two of her brothers are “OG” bloodz members
Rivals of her brothers attempted to kill her but she was “packing” and emptied her clip and she wasn’t hurt
One of her brothers beat her with a bat and left her in a coma for a month, she retained full neurological and motor function afterwards
In return, she staked out his house with another brother and either she or the brother with her shot the brother that beat her in the arm and leg and he now walks with a limp
The brother she shot deposits $25K/month in a bank account for her son.
Another brother is a doctor, one is a nurse, her uncle is a neurosurgeon, her aunt is an ObGyn, her grandma is a famous gospel singer
Her 7 y/o son is an excellent drummer and drums on 4 of Kanye West’s new songs
Kanye got a tattoo of “ye-ye” because her son couldn’t say “Kanye” but could say “ye-ye”
She played piano at Beyonce’s wedding

That’s all I can remember for now. Now, I’m not trying to make fun of her, but this is a difficult story to swallow coming from someone that works at a private ambulance company. I did a couple quick google searches and came up empty for both her and her chief of police dad, but maybe I wasn’t looking deeply enough.

On another note, we had to take a woman that fell while dancing (possible hip fracture) all the way from the middle of Brooklyn to the Upper East Side of Manhattan because she requested. She asked if we were going to go lights and sirens to the hospital and I just wanted to say “no mamn, if you can wait long enough to go to Manhattan, then we don’t need to risk our safety by going lights and sirens”. I was kinder than that, but we still drove there nice and slow.

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