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First "Real" Day – Cool

I had my first ride-along today, with a shift starting at 8am. I was assigned to a bus with a medic and an EMT, but when on a BLS (basic life support) bus medics can’t do any advanced procedures.

First call was lights/sirens, which was fun, and really displays how little New Yorkers care about emergency services. Almost no one pulled to the side. We arrive to find a 78 y/o Russian male in mild respiratory distress (RR:30, HR: 93, BP: 140/70), and doesn’t speak any English. The house smells of urine. He isn’t wearing a shirt, appears wide-eyed, anxious, and has a tremor that primarily displays in his hands. After taking his vitals we tried to get him out of the house, but he wanted to take the time to put his shoes on and get his bag. Ok. Hurry up buddy.
Transported him to the hospital on a non-rebreather @ 15lpm O2 without incident. Found out he had myasthenia gravis, which is an auto-immune disorder that blocks receptors in your muscles that tell them to move, leading to weakness.
Second patient, more typical, and boring. Just a transport from the hospital to a nursing home. He had no teeth and from the time we got there to the time we dropped him off repeated “is it cold outside? It looks cold” over and over.
Third call was to a doctors office for an older lady in a-fib (the top chambers of her heart are “fluttering” and not in sync with the more powerful bottom chambers). This was considered an emergency call, lights/sirens again. Multiple drivers attempted to “beat” our ambulance while heading into oncoming traffic. Fun. We arrived, packaged the lady who had a HR of 42 (60-100 normal) and put her on O2, which she ended up refusing. Arrived at the hospital without incident, but as we get there a medic runs through the door saying a code (CPR in progress) is on the way. We shove our lady out of the way as the stretcher rolled through with an EMT doing compressions (slowly, appearing tired) on a 98 y/o woman who had been intubated. She was dead, with no shockable rhythm, before the medics got to her, and time of death was called a few minutes after they got to the ER.
Next two calls were just transports, nothing interesting.
I think it was a pretty interesting first day, and a pretty laid-back job overall. There is a fair amount of down-time, so no worries about finding lunch or snacks. There are even outlets in the back if you want to plug your laptop/cell charger in. Hopefully will have good stories to come.
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