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Turkish Show Tries to "Convert" Atheists

Hahahahaha…. hahaha… hah.

The show, called “Tovbekarlar Yarisiyor,” or “Penitents Compete,” features a Muslim imam, a Catholic priest, a Jewish rabbi and a Buddhist monk attempting to persuade 10 atheists of the merits of their religion, according to CNN Turk.

Disregarding how wrong it is for different religions to compete with each other for someone’s faith, I don’t see how any atheist whom has given real though to his/her lack of belief would ever be convinced otherwise through words. For an atheist, I’m fairly confident it would take an act of God to believe in God. More than likely, if someone is converted, they will simply be good actors. Either they were always theists and hid their feelings from the start, or they are atheists who will hide them at the end.

And, let’s say an atheist changes their mind. Ok. So now they have to choose out of four religious belief systems on national television, and if they pick the “wrong” one, they go to hell. Now that’s pressure.
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