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More Amusment on the Subway

The following happened to me (and my fellow riders of the prestigious MTA system) today while trying to get home from SoHo (for my SoCal friends, this means South of Houston Street, and is generally a very upscale area of Manhattan). I was on the Q train heading towards Brooklyn and while in the middle of a tunnel the conductor comes on the intercom and says the following (with a Haitian accent):

“Hullo, we are not sure where we are or exactly where we are goin’. When ah fine out where we are goin’ I let yah know. This coul’ be an N trehn or it coul’ be a Q trehn, I let yah know soon.”

Turns out, with gusts of up to 50 mph today, a tree fell onto the Q tracks, and all service was cut off to Coney Island. So, my Q train transformed into an N train, but luckily this didn’t matter until after my stop. This did leave some people wondering how they were going to get home however. Apparently, the greek god of wind, Zephyrus, also chose to fell a tree onto a poor lady’s car in East New York, outside my girlfriend’s school. Maybe she was praying to the wrong god, and Zephyr decided to total her car as a hint. I’ve taken this as a hint I should stay inside today.

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