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Dirty People

If there is one thing you are sure to find in New York, it’s garbage. This is especially true outside of Manhattan, who I suspect have an entire agency tasked to clean up after its litterer citizens to give the outward appearance of cleanliness to the Japanese tourists. The ALA (anti-litter agency) likely centers around Times Square and loses efficacy the closer you get to reaching another borough. For example, as you reach Harlem you are also approaching the Bronx (troglodytes live here, or so I’m told), which shows little evidence of ALA activity.

What’s asinine about all this, is the source of garbage: locals. At this point, I barely flinch when a train pulls up into the station and I watch a person set down their coffee on the station seat and enter the train with a trashcan not more than four feet away. A few weeks ago I saw a guy chewing gum about my age, leaning casually against a trash can, take his empty gum package and toss it onto the subway tracks. My girlfriend saw an old lady sitting on a bus throw her coffee cup into the fresh snow with a trash can sitting only a few feet away. She went over, picked up the cup, and threw it away, which prompted the old hag to say “you shouldn’t have DONE that!”

Another thing you can’t get away from in New York is New York pride. EVERYONE is invariably wearing something with an “NY” on it, somewhere. So, what is it saying when a population that claims to love their home so much, is perpetually filling it full of crap? These idiots are leaving filth in their own habitat. Even cats are smart enough to hide their “litter”.

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